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At Life Quality Resources we use Psychotherapy to increase the individual’s sense of their well-being and ability to adjust to stressful life situations.

Sunset Sailboats

About Psychotherapy

Doctors Dan and Lucy Chartier offer psychotherapy for clients who are experiencing a variety of mental health and psycho-emotional concerns. Their approaches are varied and are rooted in their belief that people who desire to feel better and function at a higher level of health have the ability to achieve these goals with the appropriate guidance and direction. Their methods are grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy and seek to address the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. At LQR we believe that one’s ability to successfully adjust to the changing circumstances of life is the hallmark of mental health and emotional wellbeing.  As a popular poster proclaims, “You cannot control the wind but you can adjust your sails”. Psychotherapy could be thought of as training in sail adjustment including untangling the “knots” of past hurts and disappointments, steering around the rocks and shoals of self-limiting (and destructive) thoughts and beliefs, and setting a true course for a successful future. Each course of psychotherapy is as unique as the individual, couple, or family involved but can include the elements of insight, self-regulation, trauma resolution, re-decision, goal-setting, and laughter. Let us help you create the life you want to live – then live it!

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