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Equine Assisted Learning
& Emotional Health

Guided interactions with horses provide an opportunity to experience and practice what can often only be talked about in an office.

Equine Assisted Therapies comes in many shapes and sizes. Through LQR, it involves working with horse(s) and a therapist/equine professional to meet mental and emotional health goals and facilitate personal growth. Working with equines is experiential, providing a space to problem solve, be creative, and investigate the ways you form, find meaning in, and manage relationships with yourself and others.

In addition to horse-specific work, you will learn various relaxation and stress management techniques that can be used outside of sessions. The skills developed while working with horses can be used to enrich all areas of your life.

EAP is appropriate for those seeking improvement with:

♞Social Skills       

♞Effective communication skills     

♞Forming and maintaining healthy relationships  ♞​Self-regulation     

♞Problem solving/creative thinking     




♞​Healthy boundary setting 

♞Leadership skills / teamwork      ♞Assertiveness       


♞Relaxation skills       

♞Mindfulness practice       


​ No prior horse experience is needed to participate!

Three Horses
Animal Love

On the Farm

I attempt to maintain a casual yet professional environment and hope you feel comfortable in this natural setting. You may have your session inside the barn, a pasture, a small pen, or a large arena.


Please be mindful of the weather and that you will be working with and around large animals. Please wear boots or other closed-toed shoes for foot protection. Bug spray and sun protection are very helpful in the warmer months. Please feel free to bring water, especially on hot days.

Appointments are held on a working horse farm, JRF Equestrian. It is possible that you will encounter JRF clients and/or staff during your time at the farm. All clients and staff understand to respect the privacy of our sessions.

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